School Closure

As you will all be aware, the weather during the past week has brought widespread disruption across the UK and unfortunately we did not escape this at school. I hope that the children have enjoyed the chance to make the most of their unexpected break and have been enjoying the snow! 

The decision to shut school is one that is never taken lightly but the safety of children, parents and staff travelling to and around school is always of paramount concern and at the forefront of our minds when we are considering the viabilty of remaining open. 

The heavy snow fall through Tuesday night, which continued though Wednesday morning, offered no other option but to close our doors, similarly, the continued poor conditions through the day meant that we had little alternative but to remain closed for Thursday as well. There is a difficult balance to find at times such as these, between giving you all as much time as possible to make arrangements for your children and not rushing in to a decision during an evolving situation, thereby ensuring that school is not closed unnecessarily. To this end, we assess each day as it progresses and aim to make announcements by mid-afternoon, rather than making quick decisions that have to be changed later on, and avoid unneccesary disruption.

By Thursday afternoon, road conditions around the centre of Carlisle had improved to the extent that staff from school were able to reach school to assess the conditions around the site and allow us to make a well-informed decision. Whilst the roads to school were passable at this point, unfortunately the conditions around the school site, particularly in the temporary toilets, were such that it was inevitable that we would remain closed on Friday. Whilst the toilets are fitted with heaters they had been overwhelmed by the sustained arctic weather! 

With the abaitment of the inclement weather over the weekend, these conditions should ease and I look forward to welcoming you all back in to school on Monday.

This has obviously not been an ideal start to the half-term, especially given the disruption that took place earlier in the term, but I remain optimistic and enthused by the opportunities and activities upcoming in school before Easter. Among the highlights are World Book Day, which we have rearranged to next Wednesday; Fairtrade fortnight, which continues next week; the Moving Mountains activities linked to St. Mary's Church; British Science week; World Poetry Day; the KS2 trip to The Great North Museum; Year 5 swimming lessons; KS2 Football competitions; the Carlisle Music Festival and of course the Easter concerts, bonnet parade and PTA bingo!

I know that all the children, parents and staff at school will be eager and raring to go when school reopens on Monday and I look forward to seeing you all then.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Render


Posted by Thomas Nelson on 2 March 2018

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