Y6 Reflections on Leaving School

We sat down with this year’s leavers and asked them to reflect on their time at school, thinking about their favourite moments from both Year 6 and their entire time at Wreay.

What was your favourite subject in Year 6 and why?

I:  Context; my favourite topic was World War II. I enjoyed writing about it, although on the day we were printing out our work one of us lost our pictures and couldn’t find them anywhere!

E: It was interesting because we learned about where all of the fighting happened. I enjoyed learning so much about the war.

H: I enjoyed our Aztecs topic because we were able to do some many fun, creative things, including headdresses, bonnets, informative posters and illustrations.

S: Art has been really fun; you can be as creative as you want and we have been able to do all sorts to be expressive.

What has been the best thing about Year 6?

H: Learning lots of different things that I have never done before and also doing SATs – hopefully we’ve all done very well!

L: Our learning has been great this year because I’ve enjoyed all of my lessons – even the ones I didn’t use to enjoy. Mrs Deans has made lessons really fun this year.

Ch: It definitely has to be Mrs Deans teaching us, she explains everything clearly and carefully.

I: Having Mrs Deans as our teacher has been great because she is really kind and always helps you when you are stuck.

L: My friends in Year 6 has been one of my favourite things too, we’ve all become a lot closer this year.

What is your funniest memory from any school year?

C: When we flooded the classroom in Year 5!

S: We were doing a lesson with Mr Carter to investigate how quickly chocolate would melt in hot, cold and warm water. When we were taking the water back it went everywhere and flooded the class!

H: In Year 2, Mrs Benn dancing on the table!

I: All through the year she promised to dance on the table at the end of the year if we were good. She waited until Mrs Render wasn’t looking and did it!

H: We were so excited about it all year; it was really funny when she finally did it.

What will you miss most about Wreay?

H: I will miss all of my friends and teachers because everyone is really friendly and everyone has helped and supported me.

Ch: The teachers. They are such a good help to everyone in school, not just with school work but to the PTA and with school events.

C: I’ll miss being in the same classroom all the time.

L: I have just LOVED being at this school. The teachers are lovely and I have made so many friends and learned so much.

B: I will just miss everything about this small school where I have made so many memories.

I f you could go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself on your very first day of school?

Ch: School is awesome, there is nothing to worry about and you’re definitely going to enjoy yourself.

C: Work hard, be nice but mainly don’t worry about going up a year.

I: If you never give up on your work, you will succeed and hopefully get a good career when you are older.

H: Follow your dreams and good things will happen even if things look bleak.


Posted by Thomas Nelson on 10 July 2018

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