Austin Friars Hockey and Rugby Tournament

14 October 2016

Today, teams from Wreay attended the Austin Friars sports festival, entering the U9's Hockey Tournament and the U11's Rugby Tournament. Both teams performed admirably, with the hockey team particularly excelling, winning all five of their games and coming away clutching winners' medals. The rugby team also performed well, winning one match and narrowly losing their other two.



Austin Friars Sports Tournament Results

Hockey U9

Wreay vs Hayton (8-0)

Wreay vs St Margaret Mary (8-0)

Wreay vs Castle Carrock (4-0)

Wreay vs Cummersdale (4-2)

Wreay vs Warwick Bridge (8-0)


Rugby U11

Wreay vs Rockcliffe (4-5) 

Wreay vs St Margaret Mary (2-1) won

Wreay vs Hayton (2-4)