Admission Arrangements

Starting school in Reception – September 2017:

The start of the autumn term sees the beginning of the process for admission to the Reception Year Group in September 2018.

A number of information leaflets `Starting school in September 2018 – entry to the Reception year group' for parents are available from the office.

There is also one copy of the Local Authority’s booklet `Starting school in Cumbria – September 2018' for parents to view. This booklet is also available on the Cumbria County Council’s website.

Parents are asked to make their application online (up until the closing date of 15 January 2018) by visiting the Children’s Services website:

If you are unable to apply online, the common application form (SA1) is available from the school office or by contacting the School Admissions Team on 01228 221582.

If you have queries about the starting school process please contact the School Admissions Team on 01228 221582.